Tax in Mauritius

Tax Rate
Mauritius has one tax rate: 15%. This applies to personal tax, company tax and VAT.

GBL1 Companies
Global Business Category One License (GBL1) companies may claim a credit of up to 80% for deemed foreign taxes paid, without the burden of proving these taxes. If actual foreign taxes are higher, the deduction will need proof. Domestic sourced income is taxed at 15%, and this includes income from other GBL1 companies. This is a new interpretation of foreign sourced income. Not everyone can get a GBL1 license. You have to walk the tightrope between being a substantial business, on the one hand, and ‘doing your business outside Mauritius’ on the other.

GBL2 Companies
Global Business Category Two License (GBL2)companies are untaxed as they are deemed to be non-resident in Mauritius.

Dividend Tax
No Tax.  Dividends received from Treaty Counties (like South Africa) are subject to a maximum of 5% withholding tax, instead of the usual SA withholding tax of 15%.

Capital Gains Tax
No Capital Gains Tax


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