Foundations vs. Trusts

Mauritius approved legislation for Foundations in June 2012.  Frontière Finance, as a ...

Reduced Tax on Dividends from South Africa

South Africa has introduced a withholding tax on dividends of 15%.  This ...


Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties

Double Taxation Avoidance (DTA) Treaties are signed between two countries and are usually set out according to the OECD model. Once signed, treaties do not come into force until they are Ratified.  This happens when Parliament of that country ratifies this treaty and it gets published in their Government Gazette.  So, before a treaty is […]

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Tax in Mauritius

Tax Rate Mauritius has one tax rate: 15%. This applies to personal tax, company tax and VAT. GBL1 Companies Global Business Category One License (GBL1) companies may claim a credit of up to 80% for deemed foreign taxes paid, without the burden of proving these taxes. If actual foreign taxes are higher, the deduction will […]

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Frontière in New Zealand, bro.

We are pleased to announce the birth of Frontière Finance International Management Ltd, based in Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand. Hamilton is the home of the Chiefs, one of the Super Rugby teams, and is the fourth largest urban area, 130 km south of Auckland. Frontière decided to set up a base in New Zealand […]

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Protected Cell Companies

Mauritius has three types of protected cell companies (PCC’s): Insurance Asset Management Funds or Collective Investment Schemes (CIS). In order to best understand what a protected cell company is, it is worth looking at the history of the PCC. Captive Insurance companies provide tailor-made solutions to different clients.  Typically, these were separated by preference shares […]

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Three types of insurance

Captive Insurance – An Introduction

This post attempts to explain what captive insurance is, why it can be a good idea, and how we at Frontière can help. Self Insurance Each month, instead of paying a premium to an insurer, some people pay a fixed amount into a special savings account reserved for a specific risk event.  For example a […]

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Launching the new Frontière Blog.

We have decided to make our web information more dynamic. We will be building this blog over next few weeks to provide a fresh view of our services, in a more personal and immediate style.

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